Siren of the Sea

I have had so many positive comments and inquiries about this piece - thank you!!

In the Spring of 2012 The Newburyport Art Association and the local Starbuck's partnered to host a contest open to area artists to create their own interpretation of the Starbuck's siren of the sea logo. I took the challenge, researched the archives at the library and elsewhere for historic maps and grainy postcard images depicting Newburyport's rich maritime past. A local friend, Betsy Shea Davis, was kind enough to pose for me and after an intense week of painting, I submitted the work. Well, I won the contest and it now hangs on the wall opposite the lovely baristas work area now. Starbuck's owns the painting and all rights to reproduce it, so unfortunately I'm unable to offer prints. However, feel free to get in touch if this piece sparks your interest - this style and incorporation of local historic maps and scenes is part of an ongoing series.

36" x 36" acrylic on board. (You can watch a time lapse video of the making of this painting if you like. It's a good look at my process for all work.)

Time Lapse Painting - Siren of the Sea →

Starbuck's Siren of the Sea

Starbuck’s Siren of the Sea